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Con Command's Goal:
to be the ultimate source for local convention listings on a global scale.

The way we get there is by the following:
  • Offering completely free event listings with no strings attached
  • Maintaining a timely and relevant database by removing outdated and useless content
  • Protecting all private information
  • Maintaining a secure and user friendly environment
  • Expanding the database and search to cover events on a global scale
  • Providing the most advanced search engine while maintaining ease-of-use

What Does It Cost?
The listing service is completely free with no strings attached, though we ask that you link to this website so that search engines will drive more users to Con Command. Other planned services will be released that may have fees attached to them, but the listing service will always be free.

Who Can List On Con Command?
Con Command has been initially designed for fandom as a whole, with emphasis on gaming, sci-fi, fantasy, anime, miniatures, comics, sports, and other similar events. However, we invite anyone and everyone to use this database tool while your event adheres to the following guidelines:
  • No Adult Content (please find another place to list this type of event)
  • No Illegal Activities (duh!)
  • No Terrorist Activities (they're illegal too...double duh!)
  • No Exclusionary or Anti-(insert group here) Activities
  • We reserve the right to add guidelines to this list as needed
With the above restrictions in mind, Con Command encourages conventions, events, conferences, fairs, fan clubs, community groups, gatherings, or parties to list their public events here.

Who Can Purchase Advertising On Con Command?
With the above restrictions in mind, we also prefer to maintain advertising relevant to the website. You can submit an advertising request using our form on the Contact Us page.

How Many Listings Are There?
As of today, there are:
  • 341   current listings
  • 76   listings pending confirmation or approval
How Current Are The Listings?
Listing contacts are asked to update their event listings in 3 month intervals. When a listing is 14 months old, and no updates have been made, the listing is no longer active in the database.
Why 14 months? Since many conventions are annual events, this provides the contact with plenty of time to plan the next years event.

When Was The Last Update?
Latest version:  v1.0 - The most advanced convention database search
Latest mobile version:  m1.0 - The most advanced MOBILE convention database search
Last system update:  November 2010
Last event update:  Monday the 18th of November 2019

What Are The Search Criteria And Options?
Convention Name, Location/Venue, City, State, Country, Dates, Type, Themes, Description, Guests, and Number of Attendees.
Other criteria is being stored for use in future applications and services.

  • Keyword Search - using Boolean expressions (i.e. "comic -anime" or "comic +anime")
  • View All Listings - not recommended, but the option is available
  • Advanced Search (An extensive list of search options including type, country, state, date range, and more)
  • Mobile Search - Keyword and Advanced searches via your cell phone or PDA at
  • In Development - Radius Search (All events within a specified radius of a location that occur within the next year)
How Do I Add, Modify, Or Remove A Listing?
Upon submission of an event listing, a confirmation email is sent to the contact name and email address. This ensures validity and accuracy, as well as provides a means to access the listing for confirmation, modification, or removal.

How Do I Make A Suggestion?
Con Command is currently in Phase 1 of five planned phases. We welcome comments and suggestions to improve our services. If you would like to share a suggestion, please use our Contact Us page. Thank you.

Still Can't Find What You Are Looking For?
Use the Contact Us page and let us know how we can help you.

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